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Covid-19 Response Plan

Self-screening banner – To enable patients to self-screen and to protect the community

Protective Screens – To reduce the risk of possible transmission by adding a physical a barrier between staff and patients.

Social Distancing Lines when checking in at Reception.

More Social Distancing Lines if we have a long queue

Waiting Room – Chairs have been arranged 1.5 meters apart as per government protocol.

Air Purifiers – installed all around the premises to remove dust particles and odour from the air.

No-Touch Hand Sanitiser station for patients and staff to use when they arrive and before they leave the clinic.

Informative Signs – Self Quarantine, Correct Hand Washing Techniques, Correct methods to minimize the risk of viral infection due to droplet and particle-based transmission.

Please apply our hospital grade hand sanitiser at the clinic’s sanitation station for Covid Safe.